4/3 Rolling Tea Party A Great Success

Thanks to all those that participated in the 4/3/10 Rolling Tea Party through parts of St. Charles County.  We had a great turnout of 30 vehicles, 60 attendees, 3 speakers, 3 candidates, one sitting Missouri State Representative, and even one cameraman from KMOV channel 4.  The clouds left and gave us a beautiful day for our ride.

At the start, we found out that well over half the attendees were there for their 1st Rolling Tea Party, and many had been to Washington DC for the 1st time in their lives during the past year.  The event started at 9:45am with a few words from District 19 Missouri Representative Cynthia Davis, District 19 candidate Dave Evans, and Tea Party Patriot Jay Stewart.  The fired-up group left the O’Fallon Target parking lot and made two loops through a route that included O’Fallon, St. Peters and Cottleville.

Folks outdid themselves with the decorations for their vehicles and prizes, including T-Shirts, Hats and books, were awarded to the Best Decorated Vehicles.  Michelle Moore handled the duties as Best Dressed Car Czar.  Congratulations to the Best Dressed Car winners:

  • Tom Higgins
  • Jim and Laure Schmidt
  • Brenda Webb

At about 12:45, the caravan made it to the weekly K&N Rally and swelled their ranks for the remainder of their protest.

Thanks again to the sponsors: St. Louis Tea Party, Show-Me Patriots and I Heard The People Say.  Your help took the event to the next level!  Be sure to check them out at StLouisTeaParty.com ShowMePatriots.org and IHeardThePeopleSay.org

Thanks to all those that took video and pictures.  Here are some links for you to check out:

Video 1 – Doug Edelman

Video 2 – Doug Edelman

Video 3 – Mike Burns

Pictures 1 – Doug Edelman


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