Rolling Tea Party – Saturday 04/03/2010

The people have spoken and they want another Rolling Tea Party!

On Saturday 04/03/10, “St. Louis Tea Party”, “I Heard The People Say”, and “Show-Me Patriots” invite St. Louis Metro Area Conservatives, Republicans, and other Fiscally Responsible citizens to join in a Rolling Tea Party through portions of St. Charles County.

You are invited to decorate your vehicle with appropriate (and responsible) items to protest the out of control spending and legislation being proposed and enacted in Washington, DC.

Join us at the O’Fallon Target parking lot (2300 Hwy K, O’Fallon, MO 63376) at 9:30am to prepare and be ready to leave by 10:00am.  Look for the Yellow Ford F150 in the parking lot.


  • The route is posted in the picture below.
  • We will run the route (mostly) twice and end at the K&N Rally


  • The trip is expected to take 2.5 hours
  • There will be main two stops for re-grouping (we may pause if stop-lights are causing problems)
  • Do not run stop lights / watch for our friend the ‘Red Light Camera’
  • Do not slow of hinder other traffic / be considerate
  • We will typically travel 5mph below the speed limit

Stop The Prop

  • We’ve been asked by the folks at Citizens for Better Transit to include signage opposing “Prop A” in our Rolling Tea Party.  St. Louis County will be voting on this Proposition on April 6th and we could help stop this money-grab by the folks at Metrolink.  Your family of four is already paying $350 per year in taxes for Metrolink; this tax will bring that amount up to $650 per year.  More information at

If you haven’t been on a Rolling Tea Party before, think Wedding Party meets 4th of July Parade meets Tea Party.

  • Decorate with signs / flags / streamers / pigs / cans
  • Noisemakers (one young man brought his trumpet previously)
  • Window paint
  • We hope to have prizes for best decorated vehicle
  • Make sure decorations can handle a speed of 45mph.  TEST them before you arrive at the event!


  • There will be a few prizes for the best decorated vehicle, so do your best!!
  • Michelle Moore will be the Best Dressed Car Czar.
  • Be sure to check out her site at

Watch this site for more information about the trip.

For more information, contact Brian Bollmann

  • Phone: 314.882.3327
  • E-Mail:

Please RSVP at the Facebook Event page:!/event.php?eid=366988450546


  • Click on Map for larger version
Rolling Tea Party - 20100403 - Route

Rolling Tea Party - 20100403 - Route

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